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Journal article

8 June 2018

Processing gender: lived experiences of reproducing and transforming gender norms over the life course of young people in Northern Uganda

Authors: Rebecka Lundgren Sarah Burgess Heather Chantelois Susan Oregede Brad Kerner Anna E. Kagesten

Tags: Sexual and reproductive health, Theory

Published by: Culture, Health & Sexuality

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Journal article

1 June 2018

Four Avenues of Normative Influence: A Research Agenda for Health Promotion in Low and Mid-Income Countries

Authors: Ben Cislaghi Lori Heise

Tags: Health, Female genital mutilation/cutting

Published by: Health Psychology

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Working paper

28 May 2018

Women’s Business? A social network study of the influence of men on decision-making regarding female genital mutilation/cutting in Senegal

Authors: Bettina Shell-Duncan Amadou Moreau Sarah Smith Holly Shakya

Tags: Female genital mutilation/cutting

Published by: University of Washington


18 May 2018

Report: Private sector involvement in development: What impact on gender norms?

Authors: Rebecca Calder

Tags: Private sector

Published by: ALIGN

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Briefing paper

1 May 2018

GAGE on: Adolescence and gender norms

Tags: Change strategies, Men, boys and masculinities, Adolescence

Published by: GAGE

GAGE briefing

Journal article

1 May 2018

How gender norms are reinforced through violence against adolescent girls in two conflict-affected populations

Authors: Marni Sommer Lindsay Stark Gizman Abdella Kathryn Falb Yana Mayevskaya Anaise Williams Miguel Munoz-Laboy

Tags: Conflict and emergencies, Gender-based violence, Humanitarian crises

Working paper

1 May 2018

Should resilience-building projects (always) be socially acceptable?

Authors: Virginie Le Masson

Tags: Disaster risk reduction

Published by: ODI

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1 April 2018

Masculine norms and violence: Making the connections

Authors: Brian Heilman Gary Barker

Tags: Men, boys and masculinities, Gender-based violence, Conflict and emergencies

Published by: PROMUNDO-US

Promundo report


1 April 2018

Mental health and psychosocial wellbeing of children and young people in Viet Nam

Authors: Fiona Samuels Nicola Jones Taveeshi Gupta

Tags: Psychosocial well-being

Published by: ODI

Students in Viet Nam


1 April 2018

Gender equality and male engagement: It only works when everyone plays

Authors: Glinski, A., Schwenke, C., O’Brien-Milne, L., & Farley, K.

Tags: Men, boys and masculinities

Published by: ICRW

Copyright: David Snyder/ICRW