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19 March 2024

Engaging with men in support of gender equality

Author: ESubden
Published by: ABT
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There is increasing recognition within the development community of the important role that men and boys can play in addressing harmful gender norms and preventing violence against women and girls before it starts. In their own households and communities as well as in organizations and systems, men can redistribute power and work to make public and private spaces safer for women and girls. But considering how entrenched gender norms and attitudes are in most societies, how do we shift men's perspectives? How do we incentivize them to contribute meaningfully to social change initiatives while remaining accountable to the women and girls most impacted by gender inequalities? How do we engage men and boys in development initiatives in ways that safeguard all involved from backlash and other forms of harm?

In this virtual panel discussion with practitioners from the Asia-Pacific region share their perspectives and experiences in engaging with men and boys to promote gender equality.


  • Moderator: Dr. Annemarie Reerink, Principal and Head of Practice – Equity
  • Melkie Anton, Director, Positive Advantage Consultancy, Papua New Guinea
  • Kim Patria, Director, Campaigns and Communities of Practice, Investing in Women, Philippines
  • Closing remarks: Elizabeth Cowan, Senior Specialist Advisor Gender Equality, DFAT