ALIGN held a call for proposals for applications for small research and research translation projects for furthering learning which closed in January 2018. Visit our news page to read about the six awards, exploring a range of themes in highly varied contexts.

Convening fund 

ALIGN held a call for applications for its Convening Fund in May-June 2018.

We received a large number of very strong proposals.  These included 53 submissions, of which 18 were shortlisted for further review. Of those 18, only four were selected to move to the next round. The proposals were evaluated based on the ToR criteria by a review panel made up of an external advisor and the ALIGN team, with the overarching aim of supporting the convenings that would most clearly advance knowledge on gender norm change given the information available in each proposal submitted. 

ALIGN stretched its initial funding to aim to cover as many convenings as possible, however, was unable to support as many great proposals as we would have liked. ALIGN is thrilled to see so much interest and hope to work with applicants to support their work in other ways, where possible. 

Selected grants will be announced on this platform in early August, so please stay tuned!

For more information on future funding opportunities and updates on the fund awards, check this page. 

If you have any questions, please contact ALIGN at