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Briefing paper

1 April 2015

Gender, assets, and agricultural development lessons from eight projects

Authors: Nancy L. Johnson, Chiara Kovarik, Ruth Meinzen-Dick, Jemimah Njuki, Agnes Quisumbing

Tags: Economic empowerment

Published by: IFPRI

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1 March 2015

Three square meals: A just diet for India's adolescent girls

Tags: Health

Published by: Dasra

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1 March 2015

Ladies and gentle men: Engaging men and boys in women's development

Tags: Men, boys and masculinities

Published by: Dasra, US AID, Kiawah Trust, Piramal Foundation

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1 January 2015

Women and social enterprises: how gender integration can boost entrepreneurial solutions to poverty

Authors: Acumen

Tags: Private sector

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Journal article

1 January 2015

Histoire des normes sexuelles : l’emprise de l’âge et du genre‪

Authors: Michel Bozon et Julie Rennes

Tags: French language, Sexual and reproductive health

Published by: Clio. Femmes, Genre, Histoire

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1 April 2015

VOICES: Using testimonials to influence parents’ support for very young adolescents’ gender equality in Nepal

Tags: Education

Published by: Save the Children International

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16 May 2019

Re-assessing gender norms after conflict: Gender in peacebuilding in Nepal

Authors: Henri Myrttinen, Jana Naujoks

Tags: Conflict and emergencies

Published by: International Alert

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21 October 2014

Empowering adolescent girls: developing egalitarian gender norms and relations to end violence

Authors: Avni Amin, Venkatraman Chandra-Mouli

Tags: Gender-based violence, Adolescence

Published by: Reprod Health

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1 September 2014

Drivers of change in gender norms: An annotated bibliography

Authors: Rachel Marcus, Ella Page, Rebecca Calder, Catriona Foley

Tags: Education, Psychosocial well-being, Voice and agency, Economic empowerment, Child marriage, Female genital mutilation/cutting, Media, Law and policy

Published by: ODI

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1 June 2014

Interventions to enhance girls’ education and gender equality

Authors: Elaine Unterhalter, Amy North, Madeleine Arnot, Cynthia Lloyd, Lebo Moletsane, Erin Murphy-Graham, Jenny Parkes, Mioko Saito

Tags: Education

Published by: University College London

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