Briefing paper
20 September 2021

Gender norms and women's land rights: How to identify and shift harmful gender norms in the context of land and natural resources

Author: Sarah Lowery, Janet Nackoney, Matt Sommerville, Aleisha Khan
Published by: US AID
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USAID programs and Missions implement activities that improve land rights, support inclusive land and resource governance, build resilient livelihoods, and promote women’s empowerment. This brief explores the relationship between gender norms and women’s land rights, introducing key social norms concepts and tools to identify and shift harmful norms in the context of land and natural resources. The information will support USAID Missions, implementing partners, and other actors designing and implementing programs on land tenure and land-based investment to identify context-specific gender norms and design activities to shift harmful gender norms and strengthen women’s access to and control of land and resources.