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20 November 2023

‘Too young’, ‘Too old’, ‘Too emotional’: how gender norms hold women back in local politics

Authors: Ján Michalko

Tags: Political representation and mobilisation, Funding round 4, Leadership

Published by: ALIGN

Word cloud of derogatory phrases used to describe female leaders


31 August 2023

'How can I be too young to understand what's happening to me?'

Authors: Natasha Wright

Tags: Adolescence, Leadership, Political representation and mobilisation

Published by: ALIGN

Graffiti wall at Women Deliver © Natasha Wright


15 October 2020

To support women in leadership, address their caregiving burden

Authors: Takara Morgan, Le Thi Hong Giang

Tags: Leadership, Economic empowerment

Published by: Care, CARE International in Viet Nam, ALIGN

Women account for around half of the Viet Nam's workforce, but occupy less than a quarter of senior management roles. © Thanh Tung/Institute for Studies of Society, Economy and Environment

ALIGN guide

3 August 2020

Gender norms and women in politics: Evaluating progress and identifying challenges on the 25th Anniversary of the Beijing Platform

Authors: Rachel George, Emma Samman, Katie Washington, Alina Ojha

Tags: Political representation and mobilisation, Law and policy, Leadership

Published by: ALIGN

Protest march against bigotry and hate speech in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA © Fibonacci Blue


7 July 2020

Women’s leadership - and gender-sensitive leadership - during Covid-19 and beyond: Interview with Sara Pantuliano

Authors: Sara Pantuliano, Rachel George, Caroline Harper

Tags: Political representation and mobilisation, Leadership, Covid-19, Law and policy

Published by: ALIGN

Jacinda Ardern, who has been described as being gender-sensitive leader, at the World Economic Forum. © World Economic Forum/Boris Baldinger

Briefing paper

20 February 2020

Historical lessons on gender norm change, with case studies from Uganda and Nepal

Authors: Caroline Harper, Carol Watson, Grace Kyomuhendo Bantebya, Anita Ghimire, Rachel George

Tags: History and change, Theory, Education, Social movement, Leadership

Published by: ALIGN

Cover of briefing paper

Think piece

12 February 2020

Why look back? It's not where we are going: The value of history in understanding gender and development

Authors: Caroline Harper

Tags: Theory, Education, Social movement, Leadership

Published by: ALIGN

Cover of think piece


10 January 2020

Young feminists weave new narratives in the face of backlash

Authors: María Díaz Ezquerro, Ruby Johnson

Tags: Social movement, Law and policy, Adolescence, Leadership

Published by: ALIGN

International Women's Day 2018, Lebanon. © Fe-Male


1 December 2019

Public perceptions of women as political leaders: A multi-country study

Authors: Stella Mulder, Dr Tracy McDiarmid, Lisa Vettori

Tags: Law and policy, Political representation and mobilisation, Leadership

Published by: International Women's Development Agency

Cover of report


11 October 2019

Activist girls: a driving force for gender norm change

Authors: Rachel Marcus

Tags: Education, Social movement, Leadership, Climate change

Published by: ALIGN

Autumn Peltier, 13-year-old water advocate from the Anishinaabe tribe of Canada, addresses the event to launch the International Decade for Action titled “Water for Sustainable Development 2018–2028”. ©UN Photo/Manuel Elias