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Briefing paper

17 April 2019

Projecting Futures: Exploring teachers’ and students’ perspectives on gender in rural Peru

Authors: Melissa Wong Oviedo, Paul Spurzem

Tags: Education

Published by: ALIGN

A school girls holds her younger sister. Credit: Visionaria


16 April 2019

Exploring the potential for adolescent girls to disrupt harmful gender norms: Evidence from Africa

Authors: Lilli Loveday, Jenny Rivett

Tags: Normative change, Theory, Gender-based violence

Published by: ALIGN, Plan International UK

Credit: Plan International


15 April 2019

Programming and multi-media resources on norms and child marriage

Authors: Margaret E. Greene , Ellen Stiefvater

Tags: Child marriage

Published by: ALIGN

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Briefing paper

8 April 2019

Social protection and adolescent capabilities: What does a gender norms lens add to the debate?

Authors: Nicola Jones , Elizabeth Presler-Marshall

Tags: Social protection

Published by: ALIGN, GAGE

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Journal article

2 April 2019

Is transactional sex exploitative? A social norms perspective, with implications for interventions with adolescent girls and young women in Tanzania

Authors: Joyce Wamoyi, Lori Heise, Rebecca Meiksin, Nambusi Kyegombe, Daniel Nyato, Ana Maria Buller

Tags: Sexual and reproductive health

Published by: PLOS one

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28 March 2019

When beliefs are barriers—changing social norms to promote young women’s employment

Tags: Economic empowerment

Published by: International Youth Foundation

An illustration of a group of youths © IYF


28 March 2019

Building health systems that transform gender norms

Authors: Suzanne Petroni

Tags: Health

Published by: ALIGN

Credit: Wellcome Trust

Journal article

27 March 2019

Gender and same-sex intimate partner violence: A systematic literature review

Authors: Isa Correia de Barros, Ana Sani, Luís Santos

Tags: Intimate partner violence, Gender-based violence

Published by: Trends in Psychology

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Journal article

27 March 2019

Child marriages and unions in Latin America: Understanding the roles of agency and social norms

Authors: Alice Y. Taylor, Erin Murphy-Graham, Julia Van Hornb, Bapu Vaitla , Ángel Del Valle, Ben Cislaghi

Tags: Child marriage, Sexual and reproductive health

Published by: Journal of adolescent health

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Journal article

21 March 2019

Social norms and child marriage in Cameroon: An application of the theory of normative spectrum

Authors: Ben Cislaghi, Gerry Mackie, Paul Nkwi, Holly Shakya

Tags: Child marriage

Published by: Global Public Health

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