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19 May 2020

Building momentum for scaling-up prevention of gender-based violence: the importance of norm change initiatives at community level

Authors: The Community for Understanding Scale Up

Tags: Gender-based violence, Community development

Published by: ALIGN, CUSP

Young women dancing in Gambia © Matthew Shaw


4 February 2020

Implementation manuals: CARE’s Tipping Point initiative

Tags: Social movement, Gender-based violence, Child marriage, Community development

Published by: Care, Tipping Point

Cover of one of the manuals

Journal article

29 April 2019

On the CUSP: the politics and prospects of scaling social norms change programming

Authors: Leah Goldmann

Tags: Gender-based violence, Community development, Sexual and reproductive health

Published by: Sexual and Reproductive Health Matters

First page of article


19 February 2019

The ‘Why’ and ‘How’ of sustaining work on changing gender norms

Authors: Hemlata Verma

Tags: Sexual and reproductive health, Community development, Gender-based violence

Published by: ALIGN

Village mentors preparing for group education session with adolescent girls, using the based on PAnKH Diary, in Dholpur, Rajasthan, India. © ICRW

Briefing paper

14 February 2019

Changing social norms: the importance of "organized diffusion" for scaling up community health promotion and women empowerment interventions

Authors: Ben Cislaghi

Tags: Community development, Health, Theory

Published by: Prevention Science

First page of paper

ALIGN guide

17 January 2019

Girls' clubs and gender norm change

Authors: Rachel Marcus

Tags: Girls' clubs, Community development, Theory

Published by: ALIGN

Girls' clubs guide cover

Think piece

10 January 2019

The potential of a community-led approach to change harmful gender norms in low- and middle-income countries

Authors: Ben Cislaghi

Tags: Theory, Men, boys and masculinities, Gender-based violence, Community development

Published by: ALIGN

© Toston

Case study

29 November 2018

Mobilising communities to tackle child, early and forced marriage in Bangladesh and Nepal

Authors: Yuleidy Merida

Tags: Child marriage, Community development

Published by: ALIGN, Care

Girls playing football in Nepal

Case study

7 November 2018

Changing norms to tackle child marriage and promote sexual and reproductive health rights in India

Authors: Institute of Health Management, Pachod

Tags: Sexual and reproductive health, Child marriage, Community development

Published by: ALIGN

Married adolescent girls were offered reproductive health advice as part of the project.

Journal article

12 October 2018

Geographies of adolescent distress: A need for acommunity-based psychosocial care system in Nepal

Authors: Nawaraj Upadhaya et al.

Tags: Psychosocial well-being, Health, Community development

Published by: Academia

First page of the geographies article