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23 August 2023

Anti-gender ideology in Chile: Sex education is not abuse

Authors: Tomás Ojeda, Pablo Astudillo

Tags: Sexual and reproductive health, LGBTQI+, Education

Published by: ALIGN

'We are not at war, we are more united than ever' - sign in response to Chile's then President stating the country was at war over gender. © Ignacio Bustamante


18 July 2023

Women Deliver 2023: we can’t let the anti-rights movement prevail

Authors: Sara Pantuliano

Tags: Gender-based violence, Sexual and reproductive health, Political representation and mobilisation, Backlash

Published by: ODI

A banner saying 'Save Roe' ©Christopher Penler / Shutterstock


16 July 2023

Think Change episode 28: how can we counter the anti-feminist backlash?

Tags: Backlash, Sexual and reproductive health, Gender-based violence, Political representation and mobilisation

Published by: ODI

Think change flyer


13 July 2023

10 ways to transform gender norms

Authors: ALIGN

Tags: Education, Sexual and reproductive health, Economic empowerment, Political representation and mobilisation, Gender-based violence, Social movement, social media, Men, boys and masculinities, Law and policy, Backlash

Published by: ALIGN

Cover artwork

Journal article

1 July 2023

The global early adolescent study: the interventions

Authors: Kristin Mmari

Tags: Education, Sexual and reproductive health, Adolescence, Health

Published by: Journal of adolescent health

Cover of issue

Journal article

2 June 2023

Gender norms and access to sexual and reproductive health services among women in the Marrakech-Safi region of Morocco: a qualitative study

Authors: Hajar Ouahid, Adil Mansouri, Majda Sebbani, Nadia Nouari, Fatima Ezzahra Khachay, Mohamed Cherkaoui, Mohamed Amine, Latifa Adarmouch

Tags: Sexual and reproductive health

Published by: BMC

First page of article


5 April 2023

Landscape of Social Norms Research and Programming in Nigeria

Authors: Nigeria Learning Collaborative

Tags: Economic empowerment, Gender-based violence, Nutrition, Sexual and reproductive health

Published by: Social Norms Learning Collaborative, Nigeria Learning Collaborative



1 December 2022

Animated video series: Transforming social norms

Tags: Normative change, Sexual and reproductive health

Published by: Amplify Change

Still from video animation

Briefing paper

1 May 2022

Guidance note on integrating the gender and social norms output into country programme documents

Tags: Sexual and reproductive health, Gender-based violence

Published by: ODI, UNFPA

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1 April 2022

Map of social movements: feminists mobilising for gender norm change

Tags: Social movement, Climate change, Political representation and mobilisation, LGBTQI+, Economic empowerment, Sexual and reproductive health

Published by: ALIGN

map illustration