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Biblio/Lit. review

22 March 2021

The intersecting norms of gender and caste in South Asia

Authors: Priya Narayan

Tags: Intersectionality

Published by: ALIGN

A family group of women in India. © World Bank / Curt Carnemark


22 March 2021

The Young Feminist Pluriverse: Weaving constellations of feminist organising

Authors: Kirsten Williams, Boikanyo Modungwa

Tags: Normative change, Law and policy, Social movement

Published by: FRIDA

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Journal article

18 March 2021

What shapes gender attitudes among adolescent girls and boys? Evidence from the UDAYA Longitudinal Study in India

Authors: Sangram Kishor Patel, K. G. Santhya, Nicole Haberland

Tags: Adolescence, Normative change, Theory, Education

Published by: PLOS one

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17 March 2021

Social Norms Lexicon

Tags: Data, tools and measurement

Published by: Passages, US AID

Cover of social norms lexicon toolkit


1 March 2021

Masculinite, famille, et foi - end of project report

Authors: Courtney McLarnon, Francesca Quirke

Tags: Men, boys and masculinities, Gender-based violence, Intimate partner violence, Sexual and reproductive health

Published by: US AID, Passages, Tearfund

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21 February 2016

Costing of Norms-Shifting Interventions: A Primer from the Passages Project

Authors: Rick Homan

Tags: Health, Theory

Published by: Social Norms Learning Collaborative

costing primer

Briefing paper

2 February 2021

CeDEx 2020-06: Financial decision-making, gender and social norms in Zambia: Preliminary report on the quantitative data generation, analysis and results

Authors: Abigail Barr, Marleen Dekker, Floyd Mwansa, Tia Linda Zuze

Tags: Economic empowerment, Gender-based violence, Data, tools and measurement

Published by: University of Nottingham

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1 February 2021

Promoting men’s engagement in early childhood development: a programming and influencing package

Authors: Melanie Swan, Kate Doyle

Tags: Men, boys and masculinities, Education, Health, Maternal and child health

Published by: Plan International, PROMUNDO

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28 January 2021

Participatory research toolkit for social norms measurement

Authors: Suruchi Sood, Kelli Kostizak, Sarah Stevens

Tags: Data, tools and measurement

Published by: UNICEF

cover of toolkit

Journal article

20 January 2021

Understanding adolescents experiences with gender-based norms in India through a participatory storytelling game

Authors: Suchi Bansal, Ellen McCammon, Luciana E. Hebert, Shirley Yan, Crystal Tyler, Alicia Menendez, Melissa Gilliam

Tags: Data, tools and measurement, Gender-based violence, Sexual and reproductive health

Published by: International Journal of Adolescence and Youth

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