Briefing paper
29 November 2022

Feminist foreign policy: stronger action needed to resource feminist movements

Author: ESubden
Published by: Mama Cash
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The growing number of countries adopting a feminist foreign policy reveals increasing recognition of the importance of gender equality and women’s rights. Yet the current disconnect between intent and practice when it comes to resourcing feminist movements reveals the unrealised potential of feminist foreign policy. 

Mama Cash’s policy brief – Feminist Foreign Policy: Stronger Action Needed to Resource Feminist Movements – calls on governments that are serious about delivering on their promises and the much needed outcomes for gender equality to be realistic about the investment needed. 

At a moment when feminist movements are both making important gains and also facing increasing threats around the world, it is critical that the implementation of feminist foreign policies goes beyond political gestures and feminist rhetoric to deliver meaningful support to those at the forefront of advancing gender equality and human rights: namely, autonomous feminist movements. 

To close this existing gap, our brief outlines actions governments can take to directly support, protect, and sustain the work of feminist movements, with measurable targets to drive more core, flexible, and multi-year funding directly to these organisations.