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Journal article

23 August 2020

Impacts of a cash plus intervention on gender attitudes among Tanzanian adolescents

Authors: Yekaterina Chzhen, Leah Prencipe, Frank Eetaama, Paul Luchemba, Tumpe MnyawamiLukongo, Tia Palermo

Tags: Social protection, Men, boys and masculinities, Gender-based violence, Sexual and reproductive health

Published by: Journal of adolescent health

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Journal article

20 August 2020

Gaining traction: Promising shifts in gender norms and intimate partner violence in the context of a community-based HIV prevention trial in South Africa

Authors: Ann Gottert, Julie Pulerwitz, Nicole Haberland, Rhandzekile Mathebula, Dumisani Rebombo, Kathryn Spielman, Rebecca West, Aimée Julien, Rhian Twine, Dean Peacock, Mi-Suk Kang Dufour, F. Xavier Gómez-Olivé, Audrey Pettifor, Sheri A. Lippman, Kathleen Kahn

Tags: Gender-based violence, Health, Intimate partner violence

Published by: PLOS one

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12 August 2020

Gender norms, intersectionality and a COVID-19 ‘global reset’

Authors: Caroline Harper

Tags: Intersectionality, Covid-19

Published by: Gender and Covid-19 Working Group

Women on a bus wearing facemasks. Credit: Gender and Covid-19 Working Group


10 August 2020

The growing up GREAT! Implementation guide

Tags: Sexual and reproductive health, Adolescence

Published by: Passages, US AID, Save the Children International, The Gender Roles, Equality and Transformation (GREAT)

Two adolescent school children.  © Passages

ALIGN guide

3 August 2020

Gender norms and women in politics: Evaluating progress and identifying challenges on the 25th Anniversary of the Beijing Platform

Authors: Rachel George, Emma Samman, Katie Washington, Alina Ojha

Tags: Political representation and mobilisation, Law and policy, Leadership

Published by: ALIGN

Protest march against bigotry and hate speech in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA © Fibonacci Blue

Briefing paper

21 July 2020

Action on Covid-19 and gender: A policy review from Sierra Leone

Authors: Sripriya Iyengar Srivatsa

Tags: Covid-19

Published by: ALIGN

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21 July 2020

Care, debt, and safety – how can Sierra Leone’s women cope with the Covid-19 crisis?

Authors: Sripriya Iyengar Srivatsa

Tags: Covid-19

Published by: ALIGN

Jeneba, a school girl in Sierra Leone, left school when her bump began to show © Olivia Acland


7 July 2020

Women’s leadership - and gender-sensitive leadership - during Covid-19 and beyond: Interview with Sara Pantuliano

Authors: Sara Pantuliano, Rachel George, Caroline Harper

Tags: Political representation and mobilisation, Leadership, Covid-19, Law and policy

Published by: ALIGN

Jacinda Ardern, who has been described as being gender-sensitive leader, at the World Economic Forum. © World Economic Forum/Boris Baldinger

Case study

1 July 2020

Gendered social norms in financial inclusion

Tags: Economic empowerment, Data, tools and measurement, Financial inclusion

Published by: GCAP

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1 July 2020

Gender Equity Footprint

Tags: Data, tools and measurement

Published by: TrueChild

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