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19 March 2019

Profiting from parity : Unlocking the potential of women's business in Africa

Tags: Economic empowerment

Published by: World Bank

Cover of report

Briefing paper

18 March 2019

Preventing intimate partner violence among young people: The role of comprehensive sexuality education

Authors: Shelly Makleff, Florencia Barindelli, Rosa Icela Zavala, Jovita Garduño, Vanessa Ivon Silva Márquez, Cicely Marston

Tags: Gender-based violence, Intimate partner violence, Education

Published by: ALIGN, Mexfam

 © Brenda Islas


14 March 2019

Multimedia meeting report: Health systems that transform gender norms

Authors: Kate Hawkins

Tags: Health

Published by: Rings

A photo from the meeting


13 March 2019

Tackling gender norms offers hope for girls’ education in low- and middle-income countries

Authors: Catherine Jere

Tags: Education

Published by: ALIGN

© Jenny Matthews/PANOS

Briefing paper

12 March 2019

The Social Institutions and Gender Index (SIGI): How can it help you in your work on gender norms?

Tags: Data, tools and measurement

Published by: ALIGN

Cover of report showing girls at a school in Burkina Faso


11 March 2019

Imagining a Feminist Internet in South Asia - an ALIGN-sponsored convening

Authors: Suzanne Petroni

Tags: Gender-based violence

Published by: ALIGN

Participants at the convening


7 March 2019

Changing norms of masculinity that uphold male privilege

Tags: Men, boys and masculinities

Published by: ICRW, ALIGN

Video still


5 March 2019

Are gender norms the new magic bullet in development?

Authors: Caroline Harper

Tags: Theory

Published by: OECD

©Emily Subden


5 March 2019

Who’s doing what at the intersection of gender norms and women’s economic empowerment?

Authors: Rebecca Calder

Tags: Economic empowerment

Published by: ALIGN

© Asantha Abeysooriya/Unsplash


4 March 2019

Kenyan policy makers discuss opportunities and challenges for gender transformative health systems

Authors: Sassy Molyneux

Tags: Health

Published by: Rings

Participants at the meeting