Briefing paper
24 June 2021

Gender-based violence in a male-dominated industry: Identifying and responding to challenges in Nigeria’s ICT sector

Author: Olusesan Ayodeji Makinde, Bahariye Abdulaziz, David Aduragbemi Okunlola, Oluwunmi Olufemi
Published by: ALIGN
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This research, which was conducted by Viable Helpers Development Organization (VHDO) and Viable Knowledge Masters (VKM), explores gender-based violence (GBV) in Nigeria’s booming Information and Communications Technology (ICT) sector. Stakeholders in the industry were engaged using qualitative methods (key informant interviews and focus group discussions) in Lagos and the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria on the different dimensions of gender-based inequalities and GBV that women experience in the industry and the possible social norms that promote this abuse.

The study confirms previous findings that women suffer various forms of inequality and GBV in the industry, which may continue to hamper the contribution of women to the industry and exclude them from financial gains therefore stimulating a widening economic divide between men and women.

Gender norms that contribute to excluding women from the sector and facilitating GBV within it, include the beliefs that men are superior to and more intelligent than women, that women should not take on physically demanding ICT tasks, that older employees should command respect – particularly from younger women – and the perception of women as home-makers.

Stakeholders believe that a multifaceted approach is necessary to tackling the problem including the provision of equal opportunities, enhanced support for girls in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics field, sensitization of women and men on inequitable social norms and the introduction and enforcement of laws which address emerging risks in the industry. 

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