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Journal article

19 July 2021

On her own account: How strengthening women's financial control impacts labor supply and gender norms

Authors: Erica Field, Rohini Pande, Natalia Rigol, Simone Schaner, Charity Troyer Moore

Tags: Economic empowerment, Labour force participation, Financial inclusion, Social movement

Published by: American Economic Review

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22 March 2021

The Young Feminist Pluriverse: Weaving constellations of feminist organising

Authors: Kirsten Williams, Boikanyo Modungwa

Tags: Normative change, Law and policy, Social movement

Published by: FRIDA

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ALIGN-supported event


Sisterhood and beyond: keeping up momentum on feminist change

Tags: Social movement, History and change

Organised by: ODI and ALIGN

Women Human Rights activists and civil society demand amendment of discriminatory provisions of Citizenship Bill in Kathmadu, Nepal. © Ramesh Bhandari/Flickr


9 December 2020

Gender, power and progress: How norms change

Authors: Caroline Harper, Rachel Marcus, Rachel George, Sophia M. D’Angelo, Emma Samman

Tags: Education, Decent work, Social movement, Political representation and mobilisation, Sexual and reproductive health, Normative change

Published by: ALIGN

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16 April 2020

How gender norms play out in the Covid-19 response

Authors: Rosemary Morgan, Sara E. Davies

Tags: Covid-19, Health, Gender-based violence, Social movement

Published by: ALIGN

A nurse checks the temperature of a patient at Redemption Hospital in Monrovia, Liberia. © Dominic Chavez/World Bank


20 March 2020

Stories of change and persistence: Shifting gender norms in Uganda and Nepal

Authors: Carol Watson

Tags: History and change, Education, Social movement

Published by: ALIGN

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Briefing paper

20 February 2020

Historical lessons on gender norm change, with case studies from Uganda and Nepal

Authors: Caroline Harper, Carol Watson, Grace Kyomuhendo Bantebya, Anita Ghimire, Rachel George

Tags: History and change, Theory, Education, Social movement, Leadership

Published by: ALIGN

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Think piece

12 February 2020

Why look back? It's not where we are going: The value of history in understanding gender and development

Authors: Caroline Harper

Tags: Theory, Education, Social movement, Leadership

Published by: ALIGN

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4 February 2020

Implementation manuals: CARE’s Tipping Point initiative

Tags: Social movement, Gender-based violence, Child marriage, Community development

Published by: Care, Tipping Point

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10 January 2020

Young feminists weave new narratives in the face of backlash

Authors: María Díaz Ezquerro, Ruby Johnson

Tags: Social movement, Law and policy, Adolescence, Leadership

Published by: ALIGN

International Women's Day 2018, Lebanon. © Fe-Male