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ALIGN event

Public event

From allyship to action: how men can step up to end violence against women

Tags: Gender-based violence, Men, boys and masculinities, Social movement

Organised by: ALIGN, ODI

Young men attend an International Women's Day protest in the streets of Madrid, 8 March 2022. Credit: Komuso Colorsandia /


11 August 2022

How feminist artivism and social media inspires change in gender norms

Authors: Ipsita Divedi

Tags: Social movement, social media

Published by: ALIGN

Yes we can concept banner in collage style. Stock Vector ID: 2044607141


10 August 2022

How period activism on social media changes gender norms

Authors: Ipsita Divedi

Tags: Social movement, social media

Published by: ALIGN

Full comic strip

Biblio/Lit. review

1 April 2022

Feminist and women’s movements in the context of ending violence against women and girls – implications for funders and grant makers

Authors: Nidal Karim

Tags: Social movement, Gender-based violence

Published by: UN Women

Cover of literature review

ALIGN-supported event

Side event

Fighting on two fronts: climate justice and gender rights

Tags: Social movement

Organised by: ODI and ALIGN

Social movements illustration


17 March 2022

Why indigenous voices matter in the fight for climate and gender justice

Authors: Mitzy Violeta

Tags: Social movement, Climate change, Gender-based violence

Published by: ODI

Mural being painted of indigenous woman in Santiago de Chile, 8 March 2022. Credit: Emilie Tant


7 March 2022

Hashtags, memes and selfies: can social media and online activism shift gender norms?

Authors: Katie Washington, Rachel Marcus

Tags: social media, Media, Social movement, Technology

Published by: ALIGN

Social media activism illustration ©Steve Dickie

ALIGN-supported event


Unlocking feminist activism: A global dialogue on how social movements are building gender justice

Tags: Social movement

Social movements illustration by Maia Bergh © ALIGN

Briefing paper

7 February 2022

Global feminist experiences of mobilising for norm change

Authors: Carmen Leon-Himmelstine, Rachel George, Emilie Tant, Caroline Harper

Tags: Social movement

Published by: ALIGN

Cover of briefing paper

Biblio/Lit. review

31 January 2022

Women’s mobilisation and gender norm change

Authors: Diana Jiménez Thomas Rodriguez, Rachel George

Tags: Social movement

Published by: ALIGN

Cover of report