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19 February 2019

The ‘Why’ and ‘How’ of sustaining work on changing gender norms

Authors: Hemlata Verma

Tags: Sexual and reproductive health, Community development, Gender-based violence

Published by: ALIGN

Village mentors preparing for group education session with adolescent girls, using the based on PAnKH Diary, in Dholpur, Rajasthan, India. © ICRW


18 February 2019

Could preschool teachers hold the key to gender equity?

Authors: Sven Rooms

Tags: Education

Published by: ALIGN

© Jens Mollenvanger


13 February 2019

What French speakers in humanitarian aid and development organizations need to know about gender norms

Authors: Virginie Le Masson

Tags: Gender-based violence, Intimate partner violence, Female genital mutilation/cutting

Published by: ALIGN

A campaign cartoon in French that says a man who hits his daughter isn't a good father


7 February 2019

Gender norms and women’s political participation: Global trends and findings on norm change

Authors: Rachel George

Tags: Theory, Law and policy, Leadership, Political representation and mobilisation

Published by: ALIGN

women in politics


10 January 2019

Viet Nam: gender norms and the psychosocial impact of gender-based violence and bullying in schools

Authors: Thuy Dang Bich

Tags: Gender-based violence, Psychosocial well-being, Education

Published by: ALIGN

Pupils in An Giang. Credit: Dang Bich Thuy


9 January 2019

Qualitative data shows how sexuality education can address social norms

Authors: Shelly Makleff, Cicely Marston

Tags: Sexual and reproductive health, Gender-based violence, Data, tools and measurement, Education

Published by: ALIGN

A Mexfam Gente Joven (“Young People”) programme health educator providing information about sexual and reproductive rights during a comprehensive sexuality education course.

Case study

6 December 2018

Playing games to promote family planning in Nepal

Authors: Gaby Nguyen

Tags: Sexual and reproductive health

Published by: ALIGN

Women and girls taking part in a Pragati game in Nepal


4 December 2018

All hands on deck to shift gender, social and cultural norms

Authors: Lelemba Phiri

Tags: Economic empowerment, Private sector

Published by: ALIGN

Lelemba with Chief Kachindamoto of Malawi and Killy Kanjo 

Case study

29 November 2018

Mobilising communities to tackle child, early and forced marriage in Bangladesh and Nepal

Authors: Yuleidy Merida

Tags: Child marriage, Community development

Published by: ALIGN, Care

Girls playing football in Nepal


27 November 2018

Getting men to care: An ALIGN-sponsored event in Rwanda

Authors: Suzanne Petroni

Tags: Men, boys and masculinities

Published by: ALIGN

Couples that participated in the Bandebereho/MenEngage project in Rwanda share their stories with other participants.