Journal article
2 September 2020

The role of gender inclusive leadership during the Covid-19 pandemic to support vulnerable populations in conflict settings

Author: Kristen Meagher, Neha S Singh, Preeti Patel
Published by: BMJ Global Health
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  • Lessons learned from previous disease outbreaks in conflict settings should be harnessed to mitigate gendered impacts of COVID-19 on populations in conflict-affected countries.

  • During a pandemic, resources for and access to adequate health services are often disrupted due to armed conflict.

  • Pandemics are a gendered vulnerability, with their socioeconomic impact disproportionately higher among women particularly in conflict settings, where this vulnerability is exacerbated.

  • Increased diversity and gender-balanced leadership is an essential requirement in key committees and in multilateral organisations in developing pandemic preparedness and responses.

  • Intentionally cultivating and amplifying female leadership is paramount to creating effective leadership models and gender inclusive responses to improve outcomes for vulnerable populations in conflict settings.