Two adolescent school children.  © Passages
Two adolescent school children. © Passages
10 August 2020

The growing up GREAT! Implementation guide

Author: ESubden
Published by: Passages, US AID, Save the Children International, The Gender Roles, Equality and Transformation (GREAT)
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The Growing Up GREAT! Implementation Guide offers tested guidance, tools, and materials to help program implementers work with VYAs and their communities to question and unpack community norms to build a more supportive environment for adolescent development and well-being. The intervention uses a multilevel approach to address social norms in the most relevant spheres of influence for VYAs—individual, family, school, community—recognizing that each has a unique and necessary role to play in improving norms around gender and adolescent reproductive health. The intervention has proven successful; one year after it was implemented with VYAs and their communities in Kinshasa, DRC (2017 to 2018), in- and out-of-school participants showed improved reproductive health skills and more gender-equitable attitudes and behaviours.