Case study
9 June 2021

Passages project 'Growing Up GREAT!' shows promise in skills development and norms shifting after one year

Author: ESubden
Published by: Passages
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Growing Up GREAT! is being implemented in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo, reaching girls and boys ages 10 to 14. The first aim of the intervention is to build knowledge, health- and gender-positive attitudes and skills, and self-efficacy of these very young adolescents (VYAs). The second aim is to engage important adults in the lives of adolescents and the social systems in which VYAs reside to foster an environment that values and supports VYAs in their journey through puberty. The intervention improves the reproductive health knowledge, skills, and gender awareness of girls and boys ages 10 to 14, known as very young adolescents (VYAs). It yields similar improvements in adults, to create a strong developmental environment that enables VYAs to mature in healthier ways. This brief details the key findings after one year of implementation of the Growing Up GREAT! intervention.