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7 January 2022

10 things we learnt in 2021

Authors: Rachel Marcus, Emily Subden

Tags: Social movement, Intersectionality, Gender-based violence, Covid-19, Men, boys and masculinities, Broadcast media, Data, tools and measurement

Published by: ALIGN

Number ten on a jetty. BMJ/Shutterstock ID: 111378512

Biblio/Lit. review

22 March 2021

The intersecting norms of gender and caste in South Asia

Authors: Priya Narayan

Tags: Intersectionality

Published by: ALIGN

A family group of women in India. © World Bank / Curt Carnemark


3 March 2021

The expectation of perfection: interview with Nidhi Goyal on the intersection of gender and disability norms in India

Authors: Nidhi Goyal

Tags: Intersectionality, Disability

Published by: ALIGN

A girl with a hearing aid amongst peers at a school in Chennai, India. © Pippa Ranger/Department for International Development


16 September 2020

Gender norms, intersectionality and social protection: In conversation with UNICEF's Dr Zahrah Nesbitt-Ahmed

Authors: Zahrah Nesbitt-Ahmed, Carmen Leon-Himmelstine

Tags: Intersectionality

Published by: ALIGN

Sudanese weigh in on peace agreement in Blue Nile State, Musfa, Sudan. © UN Photo/Tim McKulka (Photo ID 462222. 25/01/2011)


16 September 2020

The intersectionality of gender norms: In conversation with TrueChild's Riki Wilchins

Authors: Riki Wilchins

Tags: Intersectionality

Published by: ALIGN

Pride in San Francisco 2015 with Apple. © Thomas Hawk


12 August 2020

Gender norms, intersectionality and a COVID-19 ‘global reset’

Authors: Caroline Harper

Tags: Intersectionality, Covid-19

Published by: Gender and Covid-19 Working Group

Women on a bus wearing facemasks. Credit: Gender and Covid-19 Working Group

ALIGN guide

17 January 2019

Gender norms, LGBTQI issues and development

Authors: Evie Browne

Tags: Intersectionality, LGBTQI+, Theory

Published by: ALIGN

LGBTQ flags fly at a 8M march in Santiago, Chile

Briefing paper

1 March 2017

White Paper: Conceptual model of women and girls’ empowerment

Authors: Anouka van Eerdewijk, Franz Wong, Chloe Vaast, Julie Newton, Marcelo Tyszler, Amy Pennington

Tags: Gender-transformative approaches, Intersectionality

Published by: KIT Gender, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Cover of paper