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Briefing paper

10 July 2023

Facing the backlash: what is fuelling anti-feminist and anti-democratic forces?

Authors: Ayesha Khan, Emilie Tant, Caroline Harper

Tags: backlash, Rights, Political representation and mobilisation

Published by: ALIGN

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7 July 2023

LGBTQI+ rights are not just for Pride Month

Authors: Emilie Tant, Ján Michalko, Leen Fouad, Megan Daigle


Published by: ODI

Pride celebration and parade in Durban, South Africa 2017. Timothy Hodgkinson Image

Journal article

1 July 2023

The global early adolescent study: the interventions

Authors: Kristin Mmari

Tags: Education, Sexual and reproductive health, Adolescence, Health

Published by: Journal of adolescent health

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External event


Emerging Gender & Social Norms Measures: Lessons Learned from Across 4 Sectors and 5 Countries

Organised by: Social Norms Learning Collaborative

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ALIGN event


Can social media reshape gender norms around women's economic rights?

Tags: social media, Paid and unpaid work, Economic empowerment

Organised by: ALIGN

©i_am_zews/Shutterstock ID:2071249703


5 April 2023

Landscape of Social Norms Research and Programming in Nigeria

Authors: Nigeria Learning Collaborative

Tags: Economic empowerment, Gender-based violence, Nutrition, Sexual and reproductive health

Published by: Social Norms Learning Collaborative, Nigeria Learning Collaborative


Briefing paper

31 March 2023

Shifting discriminatory gender norms affecting women in the workplace: Social media campaigns in Indonesia, the Philippines and Viet Nam

Authors: Rachel Marcus

Tags: social media, Economic empowerment, Paid and unpaid work

Published by: ALIGN

A woman wearing a mask holding up corn in a field. © Vo Von Tan for He Can/WISE Vietnam


7 March 2023

8 steps to change gender norms for women’s economic rights on International Women’s Day

Authors: Ipsita Divedi, Emilie Tant, Emily Subden

Tags: Economic empowerment

Published by: ALIGN

Source: ALIGN. Illustrated by Ipsita Divedi for International Women’s Day, 8 March 2023


3 March 2023

Project to end FGM/C and child marriage in Mali

Authors: Carmen Leon-Himmelstine, Aatif Somji, Emma Samman, Fiona Samuels, Jenny Rivett, Anneke Newman, Heiner Salomon, Aisse Diarra, Julia Lehmann, Baboye Bocoum

Tags: Child marriage, Female genital mutilation/cutting

Published by: ODI

Bogolan is a traditional fabric from Mali. Bogolan means "made with earth" and is a dyeing technique that originated in Mali in the 12th century. © Leonova Elena/


27 February 2023

How do you solve a problem like Andrew Tate?

Authors: Gurpreet Kaur

Tags: Men, boys and masculinities, Gender-based violence, Broadcast media, social media

Published by: ALIGN

Andrew Tate in policy custody in Bucharest, Romania. © LCV/ Shutterstock ID: 2254142455