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27 March 2019

Child marriages and unions in Latin America: Understanding the roles of agency and social norms

Authors: Alice Y. Taylor, Erin Murphy-Graham, Julia Van Hornb, Bapu Vaitla , Ángel Del Valle, Ben Cislaghi

Tags: Child marriage, Sexual and reproductive health

Published by: Journal of adolescent health

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22 June 2018

Factorial Focus Group Analysis Methods for Studying Social Norm Change

Authors: Bettina Shell-Duncan, Amadou Moreau, Katherine Wander, Sarah Smith

Tags: Data, tools and measurement, Female genital mutilation/cutting

Published by: Population Council, Nairobi

Journal article

8 June 2018

Processing gender: lived experiences of reproducing and transforming gender norms over the life course of young people in Northern Uganda

Authors: Rebecka Lundgren , Sarah Burgess, Heather Chantelois, Susan Oregede, Brad Kerner, Anna E. Kagesten

Tags: Sexual and reproductive health, Theory

Published by: Culture, Health & Sexuality

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28 May 2018

Women’s Business? A social network study of the influence of men on decision-making regarding female genital mutilation/cutting in Senegal

Authors: Bettina Shell-Duncan, Amadou Moreau, Sarah Smith, Holly Shakya

Tags: Female genital mutilation/cutting

Published by: University of Washington

Briefing paper

1 June 2017

Building resilience by challenging social norms

Authors: Frances Crowley, Chesney McOmber, Camilla Audia, Alexander Ritchie, Mark Pelling, Emma Visman

Tags: Disaster risk reduction

Published by: Braced

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