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1 December 2009

Choices: Empowering boys and girls to change gender norms: A curriculum for 10 to 14 year olds in Nepal

Tags: Education, Girls' clubs, Community development

Published by: Save the Children International

Choices curriculum


1 December 2011

Promises: Influencing Parents’ Behaviors to Increase Gender Equality for Children

Tags: Education, Community development

Published by: Save the Children International

Promises Nepal cover image


1 April 2015

VOICES: Using testimonials to influence parents’ support for very young adolescents’ gender equality in Nepal

Tags: Education

Published by: Save the Children International

Voices Nepal report cover

Book/Book chapter

26 February 2018

Empowering adolescent girls in developing countries: gender justice and norm change

Authors: Caroline Harper, Nicola Jones , Rachel Marcus, Anita Ghimire, Grace Kyomuhendo Bantebya

Tags: Education, Child marriage, Gender-based violence, Girls' clubs

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1 August 2015

What can internationally comparable quantitative data tell us about how gender norms are changing?

Authors: Paola Pereznieto

Tags: Data, tools and measurement

Published by: ODI

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1 January 2012

The Landscape of Gender Metrics: Measuring the Impact of our Investments on Women

Authors: Criterion Ventures

Tags: Private sector, Data, tools and measurement

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1 July 2017

Using social marketing to shift discriminatory gender norms

Authors: Voices for Change

Tags: Private sector, Gender-based violence, Child marriage, Voice and agency, Media

Published by: Voices for Change

Young people with statement 'We believe in 50/50 - Do you?'

1 January 2015

Women and social enterprises: how gender integration can boost entrepreneurial solutions to poverty

Authors: Acumen

Tags: Private sector

Acumen report front cover


1 March 2018

Women and girls in emergencies

Authors: Mie Nielsen

Tags: Conflict and emergencies, Disaster risk reduction

Published by: CARE Denmark

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1 May 2017

Men’s perspectives on women’s empowerment and intimate partner violence in rural Bangladesh

Authors: Sidney Ruth Schuler, Rachel Lenzi, Shamsul Huda Badal, Sohela Nazneen

Tags: Gender-based violence, Men, boys and masculinities

Published by: Culture, Health & Sexuality