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31 October 2018

Measuring gender norms about relationships in early adolescence: results from the Global Early Adolescent Study

Authors: C. Moreau, M. Li, S. De Meyer, Loi Vu Manh, G. Guiella, R. Acharya, B. Bello, B. Maina, K. Mmari

Tags: Adolescence, Data, tools and measurement

Published by: Science Direct

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1 July 2018

Changing gender norms

Authors: J-PAL

Tags: Adolescence, Education, Men, boys and masculinities

Published by: Breakthrough

Changing gender norms report cover

Briefing paper

1 May 2018

GAGE on: Adolescence and gender norms

Tags: Men, boys and masculinities, Adolescence

Published by: GAGE

GAGE briefing

Journal article

27 November 2017

Gendered influences on adolescent mental health in low-income and middle-income countries: recommendations from an expert convening

Authors: Chisina Kapungu et al.

Tags: Psychosocial well-being, Adolescence

Published by: The Lancet

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15 September 2017

Adolescence: Age and Stage

Authors: Robert Blum, Kecia Bertermann, Katerine Nichol

Tags: Health, Gender-based violence, Voice and agency, Adolescence

Published by: Girl Effect, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Cover of the report Adolescence: Age and Stage

Journal article

21 November 2015

Why is suicide the leading killer of older adolescent girls?

Authors: Suzanne Petroni, Vikram Patel, George Patton

Tags: Psychosocial well-being, Adolescence

Published by: The Lancet

Women protest against child marriage in Dhaka, Bangladesh. © Pacific Press/Contributor

Journal article

21 October 2014

Empowering adolescent girls: developing egalitarian gender norms and relations to end violence

Authors: Avni Amin, Venkatraman Chandra-Mouli

Tags: Gender-based violence, Adolescence

Published by: Reprod Health

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