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Journal article

11 February 2020

A multicomponent secondary school health promotion intervention and adolescent health: An extension of the SEHER cluster randomised controlled trial in Bihar, India

Authors: Sachin Shinde, Helen A. Weiss, Prachi Khandeparkar, Bernadette Pereira, Amit Sharma, Rajesh Gupta, David A. Ross, George Patton, Vikram Patel

Tags: Gender-based violence, Education, Health, Sexual and reproductive health, Psychosocial well-being

Published by: PLOS medicine

First page of article


4 February 2020

Implementation Manuals: CARE’s Tipping Point initiative

Tags: Social movement, Gender-based violence, Child marriage, Community development

Published by: Care, Tipping Point

First page of phase 2 report


31 January 2020

Are economic systems sexist?

Authors: Diya Dutta

Tags: Economic empowerment

Published by: IDR

Women and girls put in 3.26 billion hours of unpaid care work every single day in India | Photo courtesy: Pixabay


27 January 2020

The Social Norms Exploration Tool (SNET)

Tags: Theory, Data, tools and measurement, Sexual and reproductive health

Published by: The Learning Collaborative to Advance Normative Change, Institute for Reproductive Health

SNET Cover Page

Journal article

17 January 2020

Couples’ economic equilibrium, gender norms and intimate partner violence in Kirumba, Tanzania

Authors: Karima Manji, Lori Heise, Ben Cislaghi

Tags: Economic empowerment, Intimate partner violence, Gender-based violence

Published by: Violence Against Women

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16 January 2020

Thinking outside 'the box' on men's health

Authors: Peter Baker

Tags: Health, Men, boys and masculinities

Published by: ALIGN

Health checks for men at a barbers’ shop in Bradford UK. © Bradford Health of Men project


10 January 2020

Young feminists weave new narratives in the face of backlash

Authors: María Díaz Ezquerro, Ruby Johnson

Tags: Social movement, Law and policy, Adolescence

Published by: ALIGN

International Women's Day 2018, Lebanon. © Fe-Male


9 December 2019

The ALIGN Research Fund: six fund ‘winners’ showcase local action to challenge gender norms

Authors: Paola Pereznieto

Tags: Education

Published by: ALIGN

An example of one of the photos taken as part of the Visionara research.


4 December 2019

Event recording: Breaking harmful gender norms in health practices and systems

Tags: Health

Published by: ALIGN

A photo from the event showing the whole panel

Case study

1 December 2019

Project guide: Shifting cultural norms to address GBV

Tags: Gender-based violence

Published by: World Bank, SVRI

First page of case study guide