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16 October 2017

Transforming the world for girls

Authors: Caroline Harper, Rachel Marcus, Nicola Jones , Fiona Samuels

Tags: Child marriage, Education, Media, Law and policy, Men, boys and masculinities, Economic empowerment

Published by: ODI

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1 September 2017

GAGE Rigorous Review: Girls’ clubs, life skills programmes and girls’ well-being outcomes

Authors: Rachel Marcus, Nandini Gupta-Archer, Madeleine Darcy, Ella Page

Tags: Education, Child marriage, Psychosocial well-being, Girls' clubs, Voice and agency, Media

Published by: GAGE

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1 July 2017

Using social marketing to shift discriminatory gender norms

Authors: Voices for Change

Tags: Private sector, Gender-based violence, Child marriage, Voice and agency, Media

Published by: Voices for Change

Young people with statement 'We believe in 50/50 - Do you?'


1 September 2015

Tackling discrimination against girls: stories from Nepal

Tags: Education, Child marriage, Media

Published by: ODI

Briefing paper

1 September 2015

How communications can change social norms around adolescent girls

Authors: Carol Watson, Caroline Harper

Tags: Media, Education, Gender-based violence, Psychosocial well-being, Voice and agency, Economic empowerment

Published by: ODI

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1 September 2015

‘This is not the work of a day’: Communications for social norm change around early marriage and education for adolescent girls in Uganda

Authors: Grace Kyomuhendo Bantebya, Florence Muhanguzi Kyoheirwe, Carol Watson

Tags: Education, Child marriage, Community development, Media

Published by: ODI

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Briefing paper

1 August 2015

Girls’ clubs and empowerment programmes

Authors: Rachel Marcus, Sophie Brodbeck

Tags: Girls' clubs, Media

Published by: ODI

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Briefing paper

1 August 2015

Communications to change discriminatory gender norms affecting adolescent girls

Authors: Rachel Marcus, Caroline Harper

Tags: Education, Gender-based violence, Economic empowerment, Sexual and reproductive health, Media

Published by: ODI

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1 September 2014

Drivers of change in gender norms: An annotated bibliography

Authors: Rachel Marcus, Ella Page, Rebecca Calder, Catriona Foley

Tags: Education, Psychosocial well-being, Voice and agency, Economic empowerment, Child marriage, Female genital mutilation/cutting, Media, Law and policy

Published by: ODI

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1 May 2010

Social Norms Marketing Aimed at Gender-Based Violence: A Literature Review and Critical Assessment

Authors: Elizabeth Levy Paluck, Laurie Ball Cooper, Chloe Poynton, Sarah Siedloff

Tags: Gender-based violence, Media

Published by: International Rescue Committee

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