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13 May 2019

Gender norms and youth-friendly sexual and reproductive health services

Authors: Alana Kolundzija

Tags: Sexual and reproductive health

Published by: ALIGN

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2 April 2019

Is transactional sex exploitative? A social norms perspective, with implications for interventions with adolescent girls and young women in Tanzania

Authors: Joyce Wamoyi, Lori Heise, Rebecca Meiksin, Nambusi Kyegombe, Daniel Nyato, Ana Maria Buller

Tags: Sexual and reproductive health

Published by: PLOS one

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28 March 2019

Building health systems that transform gender norms

Authors: Suzanne Petroni

Tags: Health

Published by: ALIGN

Credit: Wellcome Trust

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27 March 2019

Child marriages and unions in Latin America: Understanding the roles of agency and social norms

Authors: Alice Y. Taylor, Erin Murphy-Graham, Julia Van Hornb, Bapu Vaitla , Ángel Del Valle, Ben Cislaghi

Tags: Child marriage, Sexual and reproductive health

Published by: Journal of adolescent health

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19 February 2019

The ‘Why’ and ‘How’ of sustaining work on changing gender norms

Authors: Hemlata Verma

Tags: Sexual and reproductive health, Community development, Gender-based violence

Published by: ALIGN

Village mentors preparing for group education session with adolescent girls, using the based on PAnKH Diary, in Dholpur, Rajasthan, India. © ICRW

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14 February 2019

Changing social norms: the importance of "organized diffusion" for scaling up community health promotion and women empowerment interventions

Authors: Ben Cislaghi

Tags: Community development, Health, Theory

Published by: Prevention Science

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7 February 2019

You’re the Man! - Project overview

Tags: Men, boys and masculinities, Sexual and reproductive health

Published by: FHI 360, US AID

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10 January 2019

Viet Nam: gender norms and the psychosocial impact of gender-based violence and bullying in schools

Authors: Thuy Dang Bich

Tags: Gender-based violence, Psychosocial well-being, Education

Published by: ALIGN

Pupils in An Giang. Credit: Dang Bich Thuy


9 January 2019

Qualitative data shows how sexuality education can address social norms

Authors: Shelly Makleff and Cicely Marston

Tags: Sexual and reproductive health, Gender-based violence, Data, tools and measurement, Education

Published by: ALIGN

A Mexfam Gente Joven (“Young People”) programme health educator providing information about sexual and reproductive rights during a comprehensive sexuality education course.

Journal article

13 December 2018

“Eat and you will be eaten”: a qualitative study exploring costs and benefits of age-disparate sexual relationships in Tanzania and Uganda: implications for girls’ sexual and reproductive health interventions

Authors: Joyce Wamoyi, Ana Maria Buller et al.

Tags: Sexual and reproductive health, Gender-based violence

Published by: Reproductive Health Journal

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