26 November 2020

Unintended pregnancies and HIV among adolescents and young people: a situation analysis of Homa Bay, Kenya

Author: Fiona Samuels, Carmen Leon-Himmelstine
Published by: ODI
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Reducing rates of unintended pregnancy and HIV is a major global challenge, including in Kenya. Adolescent girls and young women are particularly vulnerable, due to various factors that include gender inequality, discriminatory gender norms, and lack of access to sexual and reproductive health (SRH) services and HIV prevention and information. Understanding context is key to designing effective interventions to help adolescents avoid unintended pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections (including HIV) by improving access to SRH and HIV services.

This study looks at the drivers of unintended pregnancy, HIV and violence among adolescents in Homa Bay County, Kenya. The study also looks at the economic, social, legal and associated challenges faced by adolescent girls around unintended pregnancies and HIV. As well as capturing adolescents’ experiences, it explores the policy and legal landscape, and government and non-governmental organisation (NGO) programming on SRH, HIV and violence.