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Briefing paper
18 November 2019

Narratives of change and resistance in confronting discriminatory gender norms in Uganda

Author: Carol Watson, Grace Kyomuhendo Bantebya
Published by: ALIGN
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This briefing highlights key findings from ALIGN research conducted in Uganda in 2019 on gender norms and experiences of norm change. As part of the 'History and Change' research series, the piece highlights key findings from interviews with 55 study participants (49 women and 6 young men) interrogating the experiences of change in Uganda. Participants identify a number of positive changes in discriminatory gender norms and practices in Uganda, and identify a number of factors contributing to these changes including women's collective and individual agency, while highlighting challenges and limitations in progress so far. Particularly 'sticky' norms that persist include norms around power relations within the family and continued son preference and devaluation of the girl child.