About the author - Evie Browne


Evie Browne is currently completing a PhD in International Development at the University of Sussex. The thesis looks at the intimate and social relationships of lesbian and bisexual women in Cuba, through the theoretical framework of homonormativities. View Evie’s work.

Previously, Evie was a Research Fellow at GSDRC, providing a bridge between academic experts and donor agencies and government policy departments, delivering rapid response research services for DFID, AusAID and the EC. Evie has worked as a research consultant in international development since 2011, supporting policy-oriented research with ODI, IDS, the World Bank and International Alert, among others. 

You can contact Evie at: [email protected]


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Browne, E., 2019, Gender norms, LGBTQI issues and development: a topic guide, ALIGN, London UK