22 March 2021

The Young Feminist Pluriverse: Weaving constellations of feminist organising

Author: Kirsten Williams, Boikanyo Modungwa
Published by: FRIDA
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Cover of report

The Young Feminist Pluriverse is a narrative report that explores in greater depth the way continuous, flexible financial and non-financial support influences the strength and evolution of young feminist organisations and groups (YFOs). This research also inquires into how The Young Feminist Fund’s (FRIDA) accompaniment enables YFOs to create positive impacts with their communities. Based on FRIDA’s theory of change, the research aims to illustrate the way continuous funding and support enables YFOs to create change under four areas:

  • Changing individual or community attitudes, practices or consciousness
  • Increasing access to resources and opportunities
  • Changing norms, culture and exclusionary practice
  • Changing laws or policies