2 October 2017

What are gender norms, and how are they changing? (Episode 1 of 3)

Author: Caroline Harper, Nicola Jones, Anita Ghimire, Rachel Marcus, Bekele Tefera, Nikki Van Der Gaag
Published by: ODI
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This episode introduces the concept of gender norms and explores how they are changing. It looks at gender norms through a historic lens to demonstrate that while change is slow, it is happening.

Part 1: What are gender norms?

Part 2: Change happens

Part 3: Opportunities for girls' empowerment

This podcast speaks to:

  • Dr Caroline Harper, Head of Programme/Principal Research Fellow, ODI and head of ALIGN
  • Dr Nicola Jones, Principal Research Fellow, ODI and Director, GAGE
  • Dr Anita Ghimire, Director, Nepal Institute for Social and Environmental Research
  • Rachel Marcus, Research Associate, ODI and ALIGN
  • Bekele Tefera, independent consultant, Ethiopia
  • Nikki Van Der Gaag, Director of Gender Justice and Women’s Rights, Oxfam Great Britain