1 March 2021

Masculinite, famille, et foi - end of project report

Author: Courtney McLarnon, Francesca Quirke
Published by: US AID, Passages, Tearfund
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Masculinite, Famille et Foi, is the first adaptation of the Tearfund-developed ‘Transforming Masculinities’ approach, an evidence-based intervention for religious leaders and faith communities to promote positive masculinities and gender equality within a faith context to reduce sexual and gender-based violence. The Masculinite, Famille et Foi adaptation, implemented from 2015-2020, was developed to transform harmful gender norms and reduce social acceptance of gender-based violence and other gender inequalities, which support early childbearing and high fertility rates and prevent young couples from accessing and using modern family planning in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo.

This report serves as a comprehensive summary of the culmination of efforts from the consortium of partners engaged in Masculinité, Famille et Foi for over five years. Those interested in learning more about norms-shifting interventions, social and behaviour change, gender transformative programming, or working with faith communities may be interested in Passages Project resources on these topics.