1 November 2023

Gendered social norms in agrifood systems: A conceptual framework

Author: Rhiannon Pyburn, Rebecca Hallin
Published by: Gender Equality Initiative
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While increasingly recognized as critical influences, gendered social norms are relatively unexplored and not yet well understood in agrifood system (AFS) research and practice. The need to integrate gender norms into the planning, targeting, and scaling strategies of agricultural innovation, moving beyond the predominant and assumption-laden technical-technological focus, is becoming more widely acknowledged yet there is a methodological gap when it comes to assessing gender norms across contexts. A standard set of validated indicators to measure gendered social norms in AFS does not yet exist. This report contributes to addressing this by comprehensively reviewing literature at the intersection between gendered social norms and AFS. We develop a conceptual framework to guide the measurement of normative change, highlighting the most relevant norm domains to measure in AFS at different socioecological levels. This report has been prepared under the auspices of a CGIAR initiative on norm measurement in AFS.