Learning Collaborative Measurement Project Summaries
Project summary
4 January 2021

Organizations involved

Population Council


The Evidence Project’s Comprehensive Database of Gender, Agency, and Power Indicators from Population Council uses implementation science to improve family planning policies, programs, and practices for populations around the world. The “Measuring Changes in Gender Norms” portion of the project will identify gaps in gender norm metrics and aims to foster positive norms around contraceptive behaviors (2013-2018). The project is investigating which strategies work best in improving, expanding, and sustaining family planning services. It is also evaluating how to implement and scale up those strategies. Gender transformative approaches are one major area of the project’s activities. The project is conducting a systematic review of indicators, drawn from over 669 articles, to produce a comprehensive database of gender/agency/power indicators.

Social norms of interest

Community-level norms related to gender, agency, or power

Behaviors of interest

Gender (attitudes, norms, masculinity, roles, etc.), agency (sexual self-efficacy, tied to sexual and reproductive health/ intimate partner violence/ HIV), power and control

Project components


Social norms measurement

Scales and indicators on gender attitudes, masculinity, femininity, attitudes toward wife beating, power in relationships, self-efficacy for safer sexual relations, gender role stress, etc.

Key findings to date



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