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17 January 2020

Couples’ economic equilibrium, gender norms and intimate partner violence in Kirumba, Tanzania

Author: Karima Manji, Lori Heise, Ben Cislaghi
Published by: Violence Against Women
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This study examines the link between the loss of men’s status as breadwinners and their use of intimate partner violence in Kirumba (Mwanza city, Tanzania), mediated by the entry of women into the cash work force. Using qualitative data from 20 in-depth interviews and 8 focus groups with men (n=58) and women (n=58), this paper explores how the existing gender-related social norm linked to male breadwinning was threatened when women were forced to enter into paid work (linked to the family’s impoverishment) and how these changes eventually increased partner violence. The study draws implications for IPV reduction strategies in patriarchal contexts experiencing declining economic opportunities for men.