21 February 2021

Costing of Norms-Shifting Interventions: A Primer from the Passages Project

Author: Rick Homan
Published by: Social Norms Learning Collaborative
English Français
costing primer

This primer is intended to be used as a resource to assist those who are implementing social norm interventions in thinking through decisions that need to be made when assessing the cost of those interventions. The primer is organized around a process that may be used to generate a cost estimate and provides recommendations for key approaches to meet this objective. The information in this primer is based upon personal experience as well as discussions with other organizations that have worked on costing in general as well as costing of social norm interventions.

The primer intends to discuss the decisions that must be made when developing a cost estimate for a social norm intervention and the pros and cons of different alternatives for developing the cost estimate. The latter sections explore how this cost information can be used to support other types of analyses that may be relevant beyond the cost of the specific social norm intervention being examined.