Learning Collaborative Measurement Project Summaries
Project summary
21 September 2020

Building girls’ leadership

Author: CDavin
Published by: Social Norms Learning Collaborative

Organisations involved

Women & Girl-Child Capabilities & Empowerment Organization


Women and Girl-Child Capabilities Enhancement and Empowerment Organization (WGCCEEO) was set up in 2016 and is a non-governmental organisation that champions women’s empowerment in Nigeria. The organisation works to achieve sustainable development through promoting the leadership skills of young women

Social norms of interest

Stereotypes which limit the role of Girl-Child to care and reproductive roles.

Behaviours of interest 

Harmful cultural practices such as: child marriage, teenage pregnancies, adolescent girls dropping out of school.

Project components

The activity seeks to develop the leadership capabilities of the Girl-Child through capacity building as well as building knowledge on Sexual and Gender Based Violence with the aim of championing sexuality education, thereby reducing the vulnerabilities of the Girl-Child to sexually transmitted infections and teenage pregnancies.

Key findings to date

Lack of access to opportunities and infrastructural facilities hinder capabilities of the Girl-Child to amplify her voice on issues which concern and affect her. There is a need to ensure that girls have access to opportunities and infrastructural facilities such as the internet, as that is an effective strategy to amplify their voices and become change agents in their communities.




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