Changing norms of masculinity that uphold male privilege

Published by: ICRW, ALIGN

This year, International Women’s Day is all about Balance for Better. A key part of that balance is changing norms of masculinity that uphold male privilege. In these videos by ICRW, three men from Mumbai in India reflect on how they were socialised into gender discriminatory norms in childhood, and how their ideas and behaviour started to change.

Prashant talks of the rigid expectations of male breadwinning roles – and how some men will even go without food rather than dent their pride and let their wife work.

Nasir reflects on how at first other men gossiped about him doing ‘women’s work’ but how over time that change, and he and his wife are respected for their equal relationship. Rajesh explores some of the internal conflicts he experienced as he started to think more about gender equality and his friends’ reactions.

Changing norms for gender equality can only be achieved if everyone plays their part – in Rajesh’s words ‘now is the right time to trust males’.