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6 July 2021, 13:00 - 14:30 BST

Social norms exploration tool webinar (1 of 2): Orientation

Social Norms Learning Collaborative, Eastern Africa Learning Collaborative
Camille Ray, Research Project Coordinator ([email protected])

On Tuesday, July 6th, the Eastern Africa Social and Gender Norms Learning Collaborative (EALC) held its first webinar on the Social Norms Exploration Tool (SNET). This webinar provided an overview of the Five Phases of the SNET. This webinar provided participants with the opportunity to learn from experts in the Eastern Africa region and beyond who have implemented the SNET in a variety of contexts. 

The SNET provides step-by-step guidance, exercises, and templates to explore the norms that drive behaviors of interest within a specific context. The tool offers guidance to interpret findings to inform intervention design and guide monitoring and evaluation. Using the SNET can help you identify the social norms that hold relevant behaviors in place and design norms-shifting strategies.