Vision and mission


Project ALIGN enables and connects a global community of researchers and thought leaders to challenge and change harmful gender norms affecting adolescents and young adults. Through developing and sharing innovations, ALIGN aims to advance understanding and ensure knowledge on norm change contributes to sustainable gender justice.


In order to reach our vision the ALIGN Community of Practice (CoP) and digital platform will undertake the following:

  • Develop, build and share new knowledge and methodological innovations to better understand the dynamics of gender norms 
  • Highlight innovative programmes and policies that identify “what works”  to change discriminatory and harmful gender norms at individual and institutional levels. 
  • Facilitate and encourage knowledge exchange and learning through our members portal on a variety of issues relating to gender norm dynamics change processes and foster in-person interaction and collaboration between implementers, researchers, policy makers and donors through in-person meetings in the Global South and Global North.
  • Encourage innovation through funding calls for translating research on gender norms into lesson learning for impactful policies and programmes.