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25 September 2020

World Contraception Day: Why men must be part of the story

Authors: Kuhika Seth, Sharmishtha Nanda, Aishwarya Sahay, Pranita Achyut, Sneha Sharma

Tags: Men, boys and masculinities, Sexual and reproductive health

Published by: ALIGN, ICRW

A family spending time with their child. A scene from the documentary film, Parwaaz | Flight (2020), produced by ICRW and directed by Mixed Media Productions © ICRW


12 August 2020

Gender norms, intersectionality and a COVID-19 ‘global reset’

Authors: Caroline Harper

Tags: Intersectionality, Covid-19

Published by: Gender and Covid-19 Working Group

Women on a bus wearing facemasks. Credit: Gender and Covid-19 Working Group


21 July 2020

Care, debt, and safety – how can Sierra Leone’s women cope with the Covid-19 crisis?

Authors: Sripriya Iyengar Srivatsa

Tags: Covid-19

Published by: ALIGN

Jeneba, a school girl in Sierra Leone, left school when her bump began to show © Olivia Acland


15 June 2020

Teasing apart the relationship between family planning and Covid-19

Authors: Sarah Castle

Tags: Covid-19

Published by: ALIGN

A market seller in Kenya. ©World Bank / Sambrian Mbaabu


9 June 2020

Could the Covid-19 crisis advance gender equality? Perspectives from Fiji

Authors: William Hamilton

Tags: Covid-19

Published by: ALIGN

A remote village on Vanua Balavu island, Fiji. © Will Seal


19 May 2020

Building momentum for scaling-up prevention of gender-based violence: the importance of norm change initiatives at community level

Authors: The Community for Understanding Scale Up

Tags: Gender-based violence, Community development

Published by: ALIGN, CUSP

Young women dancing in Gambia © Matthew Shaw


4 May 2020

Transforming men, transforming masculinities

Authors: Nalini V. Khurana, Sapna Kedia, Ravi Verma

Tags: Men, boys and masculinities

Published by: ALIGN

Men smiling in Raniganj, Bihar, India. © Paula Bronstein/Getty Images/Images of Empowerment


17 April 2020

Tackling a double pandemic – how Covid-19 influences gender-based violence, and what can be done

Authors: Carmen Leon-Himmelstine

Tags: Gender-based violence, Covid-19

Published by: ODI

Silhouette of a women © Yoab Anderson/Unsplash


16 April 2020

How gender norms play out in the Covid-19 response

Authors: Rosemary Morgan, Sara E. Davies

Tags: Covid-19, Health, Gender-based violence, Social movement

Published by: ALIGN

A nurse checks the temperature of a patient at Redemption Hospital in Monrovia, Liberia. © Dominic Chavez/World Bank


8 April 2020

The influence of urban millennials on gender norms

Authors: Kim Patria

Tags: Economic empowerment

Published by: ALIGN

The female labour force participation rate is high in Vietnam, but inequalities informed by traditional social norms persist in workplaces between women and men. © Thang Tung / Institute for Studies of Society, Economy and Environment Vietnam