Learning Collaborative Measurement Case Studies
Case study

Learning group on social norms and GBV

Published by: The Learning Collaborative to Advance Normative Change

Organizations involved



STRIVE is a research consortium investigating the social norms and inequalities that drive HIV. STRIVE has several working groups including one on alcohol, biomedical, co-financing, gender/norms/violence, and a transactional sex. The purpose of the gender/norms/violence working group is to translate and adapt insights and methods from social norm theory and research into practical guidance for development practitioners seeking to transform harmful gender-related practices in low and middle-income countries among male and female adolescents and adults most at risk for HIV. The norms community looks at ways in which social norms directly or indirectly contribute to HIV.

Social norms of interest

Gender roles and gender equality, violence, child marriage, sexual violence, girls’ mobility

Behaviors of interest

Gender-based violence, alcohol use, child marriage, interpersonal violence among female sex workers

Project components

The STRIVE research consortium coordinates a gender/norms/violence working group.

Key findings to date



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