Men, boys and masculinities

It is increasingly recognised that norms of masculinity play a key role in upholding gender inequality, as well as having harmful impacts on aspects of men’s and boys’ wellbeing. There is a growing body of evidence around the effectiveness of approaches to promote gender-egalitarian masculinities.

ALIGN is currently developing a thematic guide on men, boys and masculinities, which will include contributions from ICRW Expert Ravi Verma, Promundo and ODI. Keep checking this page for updates, and visit our Resource Hub for key resources on gender norms and masculinities. 


Men, masculinities and gender norms: A reading list 

Interested in learning more about men, masculinities and gender norms? View our reading list compiled by Promundo, a global leader in engaging men and boys in promoting gender equality and preventing violence.

Students playing volleyball
Students playing volleyball in Somali region, Ethiopia. UNICEF Ethiopia, CC-BY-NC-NC 2.0